Company Valuation

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Company Valuation, We do the professional valuation and due diligence you need to buy investments, sell your company, buy a company or change your partnership structure. We’ll help you understand or accurately describe the value of the asset in question with an approach designed specifically for you.

Financial information alone is not sufficient for a successful evaluation study. Company, market, competitors, financial, legal and technical information should be examined in detail. As an investment company, we use our experience and knowledge gained by examining thousands of companies to obtain results that suit your needs.

We help you make the right decision at the right time in the face of opportunities that will create strategic change by thinking like an investor.

Valuation, financial modeling and financial feasibility studies; It is one of the main studies carried out in the decision-making processes of companies, in determining the price in mergers and acquisitions, and in the preparation of financial statements. These studies are frequently used in accordance with legal regulations.

Academy; It provides consultancy services in determining the company value to be considered as a reference in company acquisition, company sale or company merger processes. It is necessary to determine the value of the company in new investment planning and feasibility studies, financial modeling, critical decision processes, strategic partnership studies and restructuring activities.

Academy; has deep expertise in making objective and reliable company valuations in accordance with universal standards. Generally accepted methods of valuation are adapted according to the industry in which the company operates and differences in the company’s business model. In addition, valuation services are provided for intangible assets according to three different methods (market, income and cost-based). Sharing suggestions to increase the value of the company is also included in the company valuation consultancy service. At the end of the consultancy service, a comprehensive company valuation report is prepared.

  • Factors affecting company value
  • Valuation of intangible assets such as brands, contracts and client portfolio
  • ​Suggestions to increase company value
  • ​Management of acquisition and merger processes
  • ​Financial review (check-up)
  • ​Net asset method
  • ​Discounted cash flow method
  • ​Market multipliers method
  • ​Distribution of purchase price and determination of goodwill
  • ​Sensitivity analysis
  • Company valuation and financial review report

Company Valuation Consultancy

Valuation is one of the main studies carried out in the effective decision-making processes of companies, in determining the price in merger and acquisition transactions, and in the preparation of financial statements. Valuation is often a controversial and subjective matter and requires an in-depth study of the company, the market, competitors, assets under valuation, financial and non-financial information, and legal and regulatory practices. Valuation consulting requires the right mix of analysis, experience and professional insight.

The AG Audit team provides the following consultancy services in all aspects of valuation of companies, income generating assets, listed and non-listed securities, intellectual property rights and intangible assets during the transaction.

  • Strategic, operational and financial valuation, feasibility
  • Valuation of non-cash liabilities
  • Risk and sensitivity analysis
  • Analysis of the impact of strategic decisions on company value
  • Price range and yield forecast
  • Valuation studies in the restructuring process
  • Valuation of intangible assets
  • Purchase price decomposition, financial modeling

Why is a Company Valuation Done?

  • To find the value / purchase price of the target company for an investor,
  • Exploring the key factors that affect the value of the company,
  • For shareholders to learn the value of their company in the eyes of investors
  • Required for financial reporting purposes in valuation of tangible and intangible assets (trademarks, patents, contracts and customer relations, etc.),
  • In the process of a major acquisition, liquidation or intragroup restructuring,
  • When transactions are made that require an official document to meet the requirements set by regulatory agencies
  • In stock increase phase,
  • When supporting evidence is requested to increase equity or debt financing
  • At the resolution stages of shareholder or partnership disputes or minority interests,
  • Evaluation of the non-public parts of investment portfolios and monitoring their values
  • Owning non-public investment portfolios that need to be valued and valued
  • In the planning of share compensation based on non-public shares,
  • When assistance is needed in determining impairment
  • Determine how the purchase price allocation studies required under IFRS-III can be carried out after a purchase,
  • In order to determine the effects of the balance sheet that will occur after a possible acquisition on the future performance of the investor company,
  • Perceiving how company value can be increased and growth strategies supported
  • To see the effect of the current capital structure of the company on the value of the company,
  • To find the answer to the question “how to measure” the profitability of the investment project,
  • To see the optimum financing structure that will maximize the value of the company.

Company Valuation Services

Company valuation has become an important issue with the effect of financial markets developing in parallel with the globalizing world economy. In parallel with this, the increasing trend in the number of mergers, acquisitions and public offerings in our country and in the world in recent years has led company owners, investors and fund companies to seek the right company value.

AG Audit, which closely follows these developments in our country and in the world, provides consultancy services with the reputable solution partners of the sector during the mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, financial structuring, planning and decision-making stages, in determining the company value that will set an example for the possible price. offers. The company value determined as a result of the studies is supported in a way that stands out as an indicator that the buyer and seller parties will accept in a possible bargaining stage in the acquisition and merger process.

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