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The most important legal and reputational risk that global employers should be aware of is that they and their employees are aware of local legislation and act accordingly. A successful international assignment program requires employers to balance competitive pay and cost control.

Therefore AG Audit, assists employers with its extensive knowledge of international tax law, expert consulting skills and technological infrastructure. Our professionals help organizations coordinate individual tax-notification obligations and payroll reporting in accordance with international legislation so that they can coordinate various aspects of the global mobile workforce.

International Assignment Process Consulting

Our team provides services to multinational companies doing business abroad and their employees in the field of “International Assignment Processes“.Our aim is to provide cost and time savings to the employees of multinational companies in accordance with the legislation of the country in which they operate business.

Our services under International Assignment Process are such as :

  • Individual Tax Obligations of Employees
  • Individual Tax Processes of Employees
  •  Tax Review Processes of Employees
  • International Assignment Processes
  • Employee Rights in Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Overseas Visa Procedures
  • Foreign Work and Residence Permits
  • Tax Declaration Preparation and Notification of Foreign Employees