Corporate Tax Consultancy

Kurumlar Vergisi Danışmanlığı

Corporate Tax Consultancy… Due to the fact that taxation of corporations may lead to significant extra costs as well as fund flows, we help you on tax problems and opportunities you face with a correct assessment and we also offer correct solutions to support you in reducing your tax burden by understanding the requirements of your business.

In cooperation with our clients,  we make sure the enterprises are restructured to minimize the current and prospective tax burden by analyzing the tax implications of administrative decisions, searching for legal opportunities, and designing the most convenient guideline for new transactions and investments. Providing tax advisory and tax planning services, we evaluate local tax laws and specific legislations relevant to your business in order to maximize tax-saving opportunities.

Some of the services we provide within the cover of our Corporate Tax Consultancy and Certification Services are as follows:

  • Local tax legislation
  • Issues related to Double Taxation Agreements
  • Tax issues related to foreign investment
  • Tax incentive legislation
  • Tax advantages in Free Zones
  • Tax inspection and tax litigation
  • Other tax-related issues and regulations

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Corporate Tax Consultancy

The local legislation is including but not limited to; Fundamental Turkish Tax Laws (Income Tax Law, Corporate Tax Law, Tax Procedure Law, Value Added Tax Law etc.) ), agreements (license, copyright, technical service, expense sharing, dealership agreements, share transfer agreements, etc.) .)

Our services are including but not limited to; Analysis and evaluation in terms of tax liabilities, information request letter from tax administration, notice etc. Answering official letters of technical support and consultancy follow the ways of being duly and decisive, Analysis and evaluation of tax dimension borrowing policies of companies, Evaluation of relations between Banks Law, Capital Markets Law and Tax Legislation and to ensure compliance between legislation, Written incoming Tax Administration also consider Taking into consideration, doubt, statement requesting technical support and consultancy service (rule/ruling), Taxation, various services and copyrights received from local companies foreign institutions, “Financial Leasing”, “Build-Operate-Transfer”, “Build-Operate”, It provides services in the fields of tax analysis and evaluation of financing models such as “Transfer of Operating Rights”.

Tax Consultancy for Corporations

Taxes, which are an important burden for companies, ought to be calculated as a result of using all the possibilities provided by the law, including international double taxation agreements. When this is the case, it is aimed to make use of deductions from the tax assessment of all expenses, as well as the opportunities to benefit from the discounts and exceptions in various laws. Likewise, research and implementation methods for restructuring financial plans to provide new possibilities are also used.

Counselling can be provided on a general and continuing basis, or it can be given on a short-term-routine or specific and temporary basis, such as a new activity-based or restructuring-based plans. In general, our consultancy services cover the following matters:

  • Corporate Tax
  • Income Tax
  • VAT
  • Special Consumption Tax
  • Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax
  • Stamp Tax
  • Fees
  • Other Taxes (Excluding Customs Duty)
  • International Double Taxation Agreements
  • Investment Incentive Legislation (pursuant to Tax)
  • Turkish Commercial Legislation, Social Insurance Legislation, Foreign Exchange Legislation, Free Zones Legislation (pursuant to Tax)

Based on our long experience gained not only in Turkey but also in the international area, we provide quality service to enterprises of all kind and their branches.

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