Individual Tax Processes of Employees

Çalışanların Bireysel Vergi Süreçleri

Individual Tax Processes of Employees

Individual Tax Processes of Employees, Our expert teams providing individual tax consultancy services, ensure that employees comply with the laws in the relevant country during the international assignment process. They provide one-on-one tax consultancy support regarding their taxation appropriately, the tax advantages they can benefit from, and the tax liabilities they may encounter due to their assignments.

Our company offers the following services within the scope of individual tax consultancy;

  • Presenting tax calculation and payment techniques on specific issues such as share acquisition incentives, salaries, bonuses and employment contracts,
  • Personal tax and social security consultancy for employees,
  • Tax planning for senior executives, Control of Tax Benefits,
  • For foreign personnel work permit and Residency permit consultancy regarding procedures and requirements.

In Which Situation Is Income Tax Declaration Requested From Employees?

The notification of tax debts of employees who change jobs or are affiliated with more than one employer within a calendar year has been on the agenda recently. Employees receive overdue tax documents and employees do not know their obligations, resulting in tax liability, making the situation even more dramatic for employees. So, in which case should employees file an income tax return?

The main thing for the employee is to fulfill his responsibilities to the employer and to receive his wages in return. Employees may not be aware of job changes in more than one job or some of the sanctions that their jobs impose. One of these situations is the need to file an income tax return.

However, the fact is that employees have such an obligation is determined by legal regulations. Unfortunately, the objections to this issue do not change the truth, because ignorance of the law is never an excuse that imposes responsibility on us in these matters. The issue that causes this responsibility to arise is the amount of “Cumulative Income Tax Base” in case of job change and working in more than one job.

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