International Assignment Processes

Uluslararası Görevlendirme Süreçleri

International Assignment Processes, Our company provides consultancy regarding international assignment processes and your legal obligations. In this context, we follow the “International Assignment Processes and Obligations” for multinational companies doing business abroad and their employees.

Our aim is to support the employees themselves or their employers, in accordance with the legislation of the country they are in, during the employment process of your company in the country and abroad.

Our Services Under International Assignment

International Assignment Processes

In order to assist you in the international assignment process, we provide an effective consultancy process by combining our knowledge and experience with our expert teams and expert teams from other countries.

Tax, social security, work and residence permit transactions for employers of employees assigned in Turkey or abroad may include important legal obligations.

While creating ASSIGNMENT POLICIES for your company’s International Assignment Processes and Legal Obligations, our expert teams and our expert teams in other countries, we help them keep costs under control and reach their Assignment-related targets easily.

Our services within the scope of the management of international assignment processes;

  • Assignment Process Management,
  • Preparation of Policies Regarding International Assignment,
  • Legal Compliance Audit,

Management of Individual Tax Processes of Employees

Our expert teams, which provide individual tax consultancy services, provide one-to-one tax consultancy support to the employees during the international assignment process, regarding the taxation of the employees in accordance with the laws in the relevant country, the tax advantages they can benefit from and the tax liabilities they may encounter due to their assignments.

Our company offers the following services within the scope of individual tax consultancy;

  • Presenting tax calculation and payment techniques on specific issues such as share acquisition incentives, salaries, bonuses and employment contracts,
  • Personal tax and social security consultancy for employees,
  • Tax planning for senior executives, Control of Tax Benefits,
  • For foreign personnel work permit and Residency permit and consultancy regarding its requirements,

Tracking of Individual Tax Liabilities of Employees

Our expert teams help the Employees to comply with the tax obligations and laws in the countries where they are assigned, to save time and cost for the Companies.

In this context, the services we offer;

  • Managing the process of opening and closing the liabilities of company employees,
  • Preparation of income tax returns of natural persons,
  • Managing the debt inquiry process by applying to the relevant authorities,
  • Supporting negotiations during the audit, inspection or reconciliation stages

International Assignments and Tax Liabilities

As companies grow and become globalized, the issue of international employment becomes more complex. One of the most serious challenges facing the business world today is trying to comply with international tax and labor law legislation. In this context, it helps your company to minimize the tax burden and cost of international assignment processes by presenting international assignment plans and programs.

Wages and Rights of Personnel in International Assignments

Companies want to implement a low-cost, tax-effective, and legally-appropriate assignment program in which wages and other social benefits are calculated correctly for both themselves and their employees.

Our company supports the correct calculation of wages and other social benefits, taking into account the strategies, market needs and human resources efficiency of the companies.

We provide human resources guidance on a range of complex tax issues that the company may face at various stages in its life, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and restructurings.

Tax Review Processes Regarding Employees

As companies grow globally, their tax strategies must be flexible and sustainable.

Our company helps them understand tax inspections, evaluate risks and harmonize them in the Tax Inspection Process Management and future business models within the scope of the Tax Inspection that may occur during the International Assignment Process.

Tax Process of Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, capital investments or divestitures pose complex challenges in terms of their many risks and create opportunities to devise practical strategies to improve tax efficiency and certainty. As International Agreements cover companies operating around the world, the issues to be considered are very diverse.

Companies in many countries need an experienced consultant who specializes in various subjects. Our company provides consultancy on the Management of Tax Processes.

We provide consultancy in all kinds of merger, acquisition or divestiture processes, including post-merger, acquisition, business partnership establishment, capital investment or company divestment, post-compliance and reporting. Our company provides support for your tax or business-related problems.

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