Patent Registration Procedures

Patent Tescil İşlemleri

Patent Registration Procedures is the process of managing the research, development and execution of all application processes of the invention subject to the patent in all pre-application and application processes related to National and International Patent transactions. Contact us for detailed information and price quote.

Patent Registration Procedures Consultancy

AG Audit experts provide information on whether your invention may be subject to patent registration. Provides patent-related training to the technical units of companies when necessary. In order to determine whether your invention is new, it conducts extensive research from domestic and foreign data sources and determines whether it is similar.

If a similar invention has been registered, applied for, published and made public, it is recommended not to apply. The inventor does not ensure that the application is definitively rejected, even if he wishes. Patent registration can take place in a period of 4-5 years. AG Audit experts personally follow every step of the process until the registration process is completed. Informs the inventor. Own your invention. Leave it in safe hands.

What is Trademark Registration?

The trademark distinguishes the goods or services of one undertaking from the goods or services of another undertaking. includes

To briefly summarize a brand, it is a company’s commercial value and immovable property.

As AG Audit, we provide helpful, guiding and supportive services to our customers both at home and abroad in all processes related to Trademark Registration.

Our main services for Brand registration procedures are as follows:

  • Preliminary research before national implementation
  • Follow-up of normal and consent applications and processes
  • Protection – Color – Sound and Motion trademark application and process tracking
  • KNOWN brand implementation and follow-up of processes
  • Brand similarity monitoring (Competitor analysis – brand phonetic similarity)
  • Objection to national and international similar brand bulletin
  • To express an opinion against the national and international objection / to appeal the decision
  • National and international brand renewal processes
  • International trademark application (WIPO – EUTM – COUNTRY)
  • Similar trademark tracking / disputes worldwide
  • National and international address, type, title change/transfer, license, inheritance transactions etc.
  • Brand awareness training


The subject of patent protection is “inventions”. The patent provides the applicant with the right to use the invention and to prevent unauthorized use by third parties during the protection period. Inventions that are new, exceeding the latest technology (creative step) and applicable to the industry, pursuant to the Industrial Property Law No. 6769 document is protected.

As AG Audit, we provide our customers with helpful, guiding and supportive services in all domestic and international Patent Registration processes.

Our main service items related to patent processes are as follows:

  • Innovation preliminary research (using national and international databases)
  • Manuscript writing or revision (Chemistry, medicine, machinery, software, construction, electricity, electronics, materials, devices and hardware used in the health sector, apparatus, nano structures, etc…)
  • Counter opinion / Objection
  • Technical opinion
  • Freedom to Operate
  • Prompt violation analysis
  • Country validity study
  • Following the application processes / Making relevant domestic and international notifications
  • Applications abroad (PCT, EP etc.)
  • Patent / Utility Model Training Program
  • Bulletin tracking / Patent tracking


The appearance of all or part of a product or the ornament on it resulting from features such as line, shape, form, color, material or surface texture is called design. In short, design is defined as the appearance of all or part of two-dimensional or three-dimensional products. Design registration is an industrial property right that protects the external appearance of the products. With a simple definition, we can say that the external appearance of a product is protected by photographing.

Production method, intended use, functional features or technical benefits of the product cannot be protected by design registration. These features or technical advantages can be protected by patent / utility model applications.

As AG Audit, we provide our customers with helpful, guiding and supportive services in all domestic and international processes regarding Design Registration.

Our main services for designs are as follows:

  • Preliminary research before national application
  • Application and follow-up of processes
  • Proprietary design similarity tracking (Competitor analysis – product analysis)
  • National/International similar design bulletin objection
  • Presenting an opinion against a national/international objection / appealing the decision
  • National/International design renewal processes
  • International design application

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