Barcode Purchase Transactions

Barkod Alım İşlemleri

Barcode Purchase Transactions, Barcode is the name given to symbols with rectangular form consisting of black thin and thick lines drawn parallel to each other. The barcode system, which is accepted as the identity of the products, includes information such as production date, manufacturer’s name, expiry date and which country the product belongs to. For this reason, it is widely used in business life to easily access information about products. It is possible for manufacturers and sellers to easily control and process their products by obtaining the barcode number, that is, by barcode registration.

Barcode registration is the name given to the process of preparing and obtaining the barcode number for the products produced. Thanks to the barcode registration, it is ensured that the products are easily followed in the sales transactions. Barcode registration process is carried out by Turkey TOBB. For this, product owners, retail and wholesale people must apply. Upon completion of the required documents, barcode numbers belonging to different digits can be obtained according to the number of products. Barcodes used in Turkey are EAN type barcodes.

Barcode Purchase Transactions

Barcode purchase transactions provide great convenience to businesses that produce all kinds of products with Barcode Numbers, sell them under their own brand by contract manufacturing, and sell their products wholesale or retail, and enable quick transactions. Regardless of the type or content of the products, each product to be put on sale must have a Barcode Number as an identity.

In particular, businesses that want to sell products in chain markets and online (e-commerce) sales sites must obtain a Barcode Number for their products, and stores that use plastic bags in their businesses must obtain a Barcode Number. Today, thanks to Barcode Numbers, it makes it easier to follow the entry and exit processes of the products and the stock status of the products. Barcode Number not only brings many conveniences to commercial life, but also enables it to be used more effectively in a timely manner.

How to Get Barcode Number?

Barcode purchase transactions, You can obtain the necessary documents for Barcode Number Application from our company. It will be sufficient to fill in the relevant parts of these documents, deposit your barcode number fee to the account numbers that will be given to you, and send the originals of the documents together with the receipt to our company by mail or by hand. In order to get a Barcode Number, you must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce or the Chamber of Craftsmen.

Manufacturers, importers, distributors and exporters who want to obtain barcodes must first become members of the National Goods Numbering Center. The companies that are members here are given the EAN-UCC number. The number given only belongs to that company. It cannot be used by another company.

In order to become a member of the National Goods Numbering Center, the required documents must be prepared first. In order to find out what the documents are, it is necessary to call the National Property Numbering Center. The barcode standard used in our country is EAN 13.

How to Apply for Barcode?

It is the primary priority to make the necessary applications to the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) for barcode purchase transactions. . Before the application, it would be beneficial if the company was officially opened and the registration certificate, capacity reporting and charts required for production were complete. After the barcode prefix is ​​added, the international and domestic circulation of the products that will take their place in the supply chain will also be facilitated. In the light of this information, you can apply to our consultancy for Barcode Purchase Transactions.

Among the services provided under our consultancy, membership application procedures, additional numbering processes, membership cancellation processes and membership transfer processes are included. Please feel free to contact contact our company to learn the required application documents and details.

As AG Audit, we would like to inform you that we will be happy to offer you professional support within the scope of the work to be done with our 26 years of experience.

Required Documents for Barcode

Your transactions are finalized as a result of completing the necessary documents in order to obtain a Barcode Number by applying for a Barcode Number. Companies receive barcode numbers as much as the number of their products. How many products will use barcode numbers should be clearly defined.

  • Application Form
  • Notarized Commitment
  • Activity Certificate
  • Income Statement
  • Trade Registry
  • Bank receipt showing that the fee for the barcode transaction has been paid

If the documents listed above are sent to our address by post or courier, the BARCODE REGISTRATION DOCUMENT will be sent to your address as soon as possible.

How to Get Original Barcode?

Manufacturers, importers, distributors and exporters who want to obtain Barcode must first become members of the National Goods Numbering Center. The companies that are members here are given the EAN-UCC number. The number given only belongs to that company. It cannot be used by another company.

How to Create a Product Barcode?

How to create a product barcode, you need to get a company code before starting the product barcode creation process. Then, you can create barcodes containing country code, company code and product code with a barcode creation program.

Why Barcode Registration Should Be Done?

Thanks to the barcode registration for the products, the transfer of the products can be done quickly. This helps to reduce labor and increase productivity. In addition, with barcode registration, information such as which country the products belong to, company and expiry date can be easily accessed. In addition, since it also provides stock control, it ensures that transaction errors are eliminated. The usage period of a registered barcode is 1 year. At the end of this period, companies that want to use the same barcode number can use the barcode number again by paying the annual usage fee.

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