KVKK Personal Data Analysis Consultancy

KVKK Kişisel Veri Analizi Danışmanlığı

KVKK Personal Data Analysis Consultancy, Personal data protection law (KVKK) is a regulatory and supervisory institution that ensures the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms by controlling the processing of personal data.

In the KVKK, the Council of Europe has determined some principles for the protection of personal data in the same standard in all member countries and for ensuring cross-border data flow. The stage in which these principles were determined was in the “Convention No. 108 on the Protection of Persons Against Automatic Processing of Personal Data”, which was prepared on January 28, 1981. Turkey is one of the first countries to sign this convention.

KVKK Personal Data Analysis Consultancy

In the event that the law on the protection of personal data (KVKK) and the requirements of the law are not fully implemented, administrative fines of up to 1,000,000 TL specified in the Turkish Penal Code and what to do are provided to those concerned.

As AG Audit, it determines all obligations of taxpayers under this Law in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698 and what needs to be done in this context. We help them fulfill.

In our special team created for this purpose, we ensure the compliance of our stakeholders with KVKK Personal Data Analysis in a short time, with our expert staff with legal understanding, knowledge and experience, as well as experienced lawyers.

Amendment and Redesign of Contracts

Other legal obligations of companies and a person’s employment contracts, the personal data obtained with the persons, the person with access to the data or other third parties, the contracts made with the service providers are examined and necessary amendments are made and, if necessary, the signing of the confidentiality agreement.

Analysis of Data

While taxpayers who fall within the scope of KVKK data processing are determined and classified according to the purposes for which the processed personal data is processed, when the results of the analyzes carried out with the consent of the data owners are examined, it is within the scope of the KVKK data processing that is required when the content of the consent is determined. In cases where consent is required, preparing and providing the data by determining how it is done in order to obtain the consent of the data subjects.

Creating Illumination Texts

For data owners who are legally accepted as data owners, the method of collecting personal data and the purposes of processing this data, the third parties to which it is transferred, and the data owner’s Personal Data Law m. 6698. It is the preparation of an enlightenment statement containing the rights regulated in 11.

Preparation of Personal Data Inventory

In the place where the data regarding foreign countries and security measures are explained, taking into account the purpose of processing the personal data, the data categories, the recipient and subject groups to which the data is transferred, and the person groups to which it is related, and the maximum time required for the purposes of processing the personal data, in case of transfer of personal data, “Program, KVKK law It is the work of preparing an inventory of personal data within the scope of the study.

Registration to the VERBIS System

It is the process of ensuring the registration of persons within the scope of KVKK to VERBIS. Consultation is provided on the registration of a data controller and the appointment of a contact person to communicate with the KVK officer. For each data type determined in the created data inventory, the necessary definitions are made by the VERBIS system.

Preparation of Personal Data Retention and Disposal Policy

In the event that the reasons for the processing of personal data disappear, it is obligatory to destroy the personal data officially or legally upon the request of the person concerned. A Policy and Procedure document should be created for deletion and destruction processes.

Taking Necessary Security Measures

Ensuring the security of all necessary technical and administrative measures or bringing legal liability in order to prevent access to personal data held in violation of the law, to process personal data inappropriately, and to ensure the necessary level of security of the data we hold about you. is the responsibility of the owner of the company. As a team, KVKK consultancy services are provided at the security level required by the Law.

Awareness Trainings Given During the Compliance Process

Training courses are conducted for employees on issues such as data managers and system administrators accepting taxpayers within the scope of the KVKK law, illegal disclosure and sharing of personal data within the scope of the law, and lack of awareness on these issues.

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