Merger-Division-Acquisition Consultancy

Birleşme-Bölünme-Devir Alma Danışmanlığı

Merger-Division-Acquisition Consultancy, Institutions and organizations can become a single legal entity by merging for reasons such as benefiting from tax incentives, increasing their market share, reaching their planned targets or ending the competition between them. Transfer is a special type of merger. Again, companies can be divided for reasons such as changing the type of partnership activities and separating their fields of activity. After all, companies can go into liquidation as a result of the decision of the partners or legal obligations.

Liquidation, merger, transfer and division transactions regulated by the relevant articles of the Commercial Code No. 6102 and the Corporate Tax Law No. 5520 are extremely important and risky transactions. As AG Audit, we provide consultancy services on the completion and reporting of liquidation, merger, division and transfer transactions of companies with our expert team.

Merger-Division-Acquisition Consultancy

In the rapidly changing business world and in the race to stay ahead of the competition, company mergers, divisions, transfers and type changes are among the indispensable elements of business life. The failure of mergers, full and partial transfers and conversions in capital companies to achieve the desired targets highlights the way the projects are implemented.

Acquisition by another person or persons, company or merger or transfer companies for another company; change the type of a company; Partial or full division is one of the most important co-working areas of both commercial, labor and social security and tax law, and it all needs to be addressed simultaneously and synchronously.

AG Independent Audit and YMM A.Ş., which provides consultancy services on Complete and Partial Decline and Change in Nature. While providing strategic views on portfolio values ​​and options, it helps companies grow with corporate finance transactions.

AG Audit, which carries out the internal document order, application to the court, the arrangement of all contracts on the subject and the registration procedure from the beginning to the end in the said transactions, especially the financial, legal and tax issues are handled as a whole, the projected value is created, this value is protected and the profit is maximized. helps keep it to a minimum.

Mergers, transfers, divisions and changes in type of trade companies, which are gaining more and more importance in our country, constitute the tax dimension of these transactions. Tax planning in mergers, acquisitions and divisions of companies makes the difference between a mediocre transaction and a successful one. Effective planning and structuring will help you build a successful organization and business marriage. AG Audit, which provides operational, documentary and consultancy services to a significant number of mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and type changes realized in our country, provides services on mergers, acquisitions and divisions for extremely meticulous investors, strategic company buyers and foreign investors with the experience and reference it has gained here. He has proven his experience with

With our experience in serving financial and strategic buyers of all types of acquisitions, investments and financial structures, divestment alternatives, post-transaction and integration, we offer the following elements of trust: makes it.

We offer an interactive approach that maintains open communication by eliminating duplicate transactions and maximizing the value of your investment in the long run.

Services we offer regarding mergers, acquisitions and divisions of companies:

  • Tax Risk Identification and Reporting
  • Tax Advisory on Company Structuring (Merger)
  • Tax Incentives Applicable to Company Transfers
  • Tax Consultancy in Company Divisions
  • Tax Issues in Purchases
  • Reporting and Consulting on Restructuring of Group Companies

Company Mergers and Acquisitions Tax Services

Merger-Division-Takeover Consultancy, We provide support in the following areas for the needs of individuals and institutions that want to buy a company, dispose of all or part of the existing company or restructure (such as merger, division):

  • Tax Due Diligence services within the scope of acquisition and disposal transactions,
  • Tax restructuring consultancy services before and after company acquisition/disposal transactions (such as mergers, acquisitions, divisions, share changes),
  • Tax consultancy services regarding financial models,
  • Negotiating tax issues with sellers and/or potential buyers, consultancy services to the buyer or seller regarding the transaction,
  • Tax evaluation of share purchase/sale agreement and its annexes.

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