Trade Registry Registration Consultancy

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Trade Registry Registration Transactions Consultancy…

As is known, the registration of information (business name, address, capital, partners, officers, etc.) in accordance with Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, Commercial Registration Decree and related laws is a third party for the establishment of commerce. done by a person. Companies, corporations, cooperatives. Matters that need to be known should be published in the Turkish Trade Register Official Gazette.

The change of purpose of the settlement application must also be registered and published by the parties in the commercial registry to which the trading company or legal entity belongs within the statutory period.

Trade Registry Registration Consultancy

As AG Audit Consulting, in parallel with the Financial Advisor, one of the most important participants in the current development and registration process, to provide a centralized tax filing calendar for each registration was developed. Process-related transactions. We want to be with In addition to the tiring routine that comes with the job, we can also prevent the vicious cycle of office-notary-registry, so we can use our existing workforce more effectively and prioritize certain other Get back the time you need to allocate to assignments. business plan. We want to be your solution partner with a fast and effective approach.

Trade Registry Transactions

The scope of trade is very wide. For this reason, commercial enterprises whose information (trade name, address, field of activity, etc.) should be known by third parties should be registered. The works and processes we have done in this context are as follows;

  • Registration of commercial enterprises and branches,
  • Registration of trade name and change,
  • Address registration,
  • Registration of change or addition of business subject,
  • Contract and amendment registrations of capital companies,
  • Registration regarding termination and liquidation,
  • Registration of transfer,
  • Registration of the share transfer decision,
  • Registration of the decision regarding the transfer of the deceased partner’s shares,
  • Registration of the declaration of debt issued by the company that was dissolved by being taken over by merger,
  • Registration of capital increase,
  • Registration regarding the addition of the value increase fund to the capital in a joint stock company,
  • Registration of enterprises to be established by foundations and associations

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