Personnel Visa Procedures

Personel Vize İşlemleri

Personnel Visa Procedures, Briefly, a visa is the permission that must be obtained from the competent authorities to enter or leave a country. The person who wants to travel can get a visa if he/she fulfills the procedures determined by the country he/she is going to and if his/her application is accepted by the official institutions. Visa procedures; It may include processes such as preparing documents and interviews.

A passport must be obtained before obtaining a visa to travel abroad. Passport is an internationally valid identity document and contains your identity information, photo, registration of the countries you have visited and visas you have obtained. If you do not have a passport, first of all, answer the question how to get a passport​ You can read our article where you can find the answer.

Personnel Visa Procedures

If you want to go abroad, it is not enough just to have a passport. In addition to the passport, many countries require you to have a visa when crossing the border. Therefore, what does a visa mean, how to get a visa, conditions for obtaining a visa, how to apply for a visa, etc. You must have knowledge of the subject.

In the most general definition, a visa is the official permission document you need to get from the consulate of the country you want to go to, when you want to go to another country from the country you are in. For this purpose, you must first apply to the consulate of the relevant country. Then, the consulate examines the documents you submitted during the application and approves or rejects entry into the country.

However, in order to enter the country, the visa application must be approved. If your visa application request from the consulate is not positive, you cannot legally enter the country in question. Apart from these, there are also special agreements between the Republic of Turkey and some countries. Under these agreements, you do not need to obtain a visa when entering the relevant countries.

How to Get a Visa?

You can create your visa application by applying to the embassies or consulates of the country you want to travel to, visa application centers, official counters located at the airport and border gates. For some countries, you can also apply online via the internet. One of the important points to be considered; The visa application is created by the traveler himself.

  • The procedures to obtain a visa may vary according to each country. But in general, the steps to be followed during the application for visa procedures are as follows:
  • First of all, you must obtain a passport valid for at least 6 days from the date of return.
  • For the visa application, you should prepare the documents required by the consulate. It is very important that the documents are submitted in full. In case of missing documents, your application may result in negative results.
  • After collecting your paperwork, you should make a visa appointment at the time of first application. Recommended date for visa appointment is ideally 1 month before travel. At this stage, the most important issue is to encode your passport information correctly. Otherwise, your application will be deemed invalid.
  • Some countries may consider and process applications made via e-visa, as well as in-person applications. You can find out the requirement for an appointment on the website of the consulate of the relevant country within the borders of the country.
  • When the appointment day comes, you must submit the visa application file to the consulate at the exact appointment time, with all the documents completed. These documents are the application form requested by the consulate, petitions written in the format requested by the consulate, accommodation documents and flight tickets.
  • After the interview, fingerprints are given first. If you are getting a visa for the first time, a fingerprint scan is a must.
  • At the next stage, the visa application fee is paid. The application fee can be deposited into the relevant bank account notified by the consulates of some countries. Some countries collect this fee at the time of the application appointment.
  • You need to track your visa application. The embassy may request additional document(s) until the visa process is completed. For this purpose, after the application fee is paid, you should follow up on the stage of the process by calling the “application tracking slip” given by the embassy via the internet or by phone.

To get the visa result, you can go to the consulate in person or we follow the procedures on your behalf. Another way to get the visa result is to wait for it to be sent by the consulate by mail.

We follow all of these steps for you, from A to Z, all your necessary documents and applications, and inform you.

The Most Basic Documents for Obtaining a Visa

Although the documents required by the consulate of the relevant country at the time of obtaining a visa vary according to the country of destination, the documents that are requested jointly by each country are as follows:

  • Proof of residence
  • Passport
  • Biometric photo
  • Family passport for married individuals
  • Proof of professional status
  • Certified birth certificate sample
  • Bank statement

In addition to all these, one of the most important parts of obtaining a visa is undoubtedly travel insurance. When you go abroad, you should not neglect to take out travel insurance to be covered for any unpleasant events that may happen to you, from losing your luggage to any inconvenience you may suffer. You can contact Aden Global for the most inclusive and most inclusive policy for your budget and take advantage of special offers. If you wish, you can get the most detailed information from ADEN GLOBAL consultants and enjoy your trip.

What are Visa Types?

Short Term Visa

It is processed as a Schengen visa to stay in the Schengen area. Airport tourist visa (“A”), short term visa for stay up to 90 days (“C”)

  • Touristic Purposes
  • For Visiting (invitation) Purpose
  • Cultural Purpose
  • For Sports Purpose
  • For Educational Purposes
  • For Study
  • For Scientific Research Purposes
  • Business Purpose
  • For Official Political Purposes

Long Term Visa

It is processed as a national visa with Schengen visa features. (that is, it provides the right to stay in the Schengen area for a maximum of 90 days in half a year) Visa to stay more than 90 days (“D”)

  • For Study
  • Entrepreneurial Purpose
  • For Family Reunification
  • For Scientific Research Purposes
  • For Educational Purposes
  • For Sports/Culture/Invitational
  • For Medical Treatment

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