Payroll Transactions Consultancy

Bordro İşlemleri Danışmanlığı

Payroll Transactions Consultancy, Today, the execution of PAYROLLING works is now left to specialist companies. In this way, human resources units can focus on their main duties such as training, organization, performance evaluation and career planning.

In this way, organizations eliminate hardware and system creation costs, avoid regulatory risks that may arise during fee calculations, and ensure that sensitive issues such as fees are handled within the framework of confidentiality.

Payroll Transactions Consultancy

With the developing technologies, the execution of PAYROLLING transactions is now carried out by expert consultants with the advantage of being easier and less costly. Human resources departments that are exempt from payroll processes can better focus on their priority tasks such as career planning, training creation, performance management.

Some of the most important benefits of Payroll Services are as follows. System creation and hardware costs for companies are eliminated. Wage calculation processes involving regulatory risks are carried out more securely by Payroll Consultants. Confidentiality of fees is ensured at the highest level.

Payroll Service

After determining the most suitable solution for the needs of your business in payroll, we ensure the establishment of the most appropriate system that will be beneficial to your company. We professionally follow the legal transactions of your personnel working in your company, within the framework of confidentiality, throughout the entire working period, including personnel transactions. Our company, which provides payroll services, gives monthly SSI declarations of all workplaces of your company, we take all responsibility on our own and keep you away from current risks.

Our company, which provides payroll services, helps your company to eliminate an extra process in such transactions by preparing all the reports of your management needs in the most accurate, trouble-free and timely manner. We ensure that your company follows the right path in hiring and firing processes.

Our company, which provides payroll services, provides professional support in reaching the most accurate result by consulting in job placement and termination processes. We review your payroll documents, suggest what needs to be done and reduce your costs by informing you about your legal rights. In addition, our company, which provides payroll services, pays utmost attention to confidentiality and we keep all your company information confidential throughout the service period.

What We Do Within the Scope of Our Payroll Service?

The scope of service can be summarized as follows;

  • Preparing the monthly payrolls of the companies in line with the data received from the companies, calculating allowances, deductions, insurance, taxes, net wages and preparing all kinds of reports related to the payroll,
  • Forwarding the payrolls of the personnel to the owners
  • (by e-mail or by hand in a sealed envelope)
  • Transmitting the net fees to be paid to the relevant bank in a bank diskette format,
  • monthly payroll expenses; distribution of companies according to cost centers determined, preparation of accounting records,
  • Follow-annual leave and sales bonuses and keeping annual leave books,
  • Preparation of SSI statements and Income tax (withholding) statements, accruals, informing the customer,
  • Opening the Tax Offices, SGK and Regional Labor Directorates related to the head office, workplace and/or branch, obtaining the registration number,
  • Preparation of all kinds of periodic declarations and lists that should be submitted to official institutions,
  • Arranging the personnel’s visit paper, sending the leave, payroll and personnel entry-exit information to the personnel,
  • Preparing employment insurance information, compensation and necessary wages calculated after leaving the job are established by making all kinds of calculations and with the approval of the bank’s Human Resources Management,
  • Preparing the documents to be given to the personnel leaving the job, preparing the documents such as the release to be signed,
  • Providing consultancy on labor laws and practices to companies whose payrolls are kept, informing companies about practices and legal changes through circulars (Litigation and work outside the normal commercial flow are carried out by company lawyers and/or our solution partner lawyers according to a mutually agreed schedule),
  • Preparation and preservation of Personnel Files.

Payrolling Consulting Service

Within the scope of the payroll service, we contribute to the construction of a sustainable system by showing the most appropriate approach to the needs and demands of the institution and by offering the most suitable solutions for your demands.

We follow the legal requirements that arise during the working period, especially the personnel transactions of the personnel working in your company, based on the principles of trust and confidentiality. We take responsibility and eliminate all risks that may arise while arranging the relations of the workplaces under the roof of your company with SGK.

By performing the reporting, which is indispensable for businesses, uninterrupted and error-free, we lay the groundwork for the management decisions to be taken correctly. In addition, we aim to carry out not only the routine operations of your existing personnel, but also the most critical processes such as dismissal and dismissal in a quality manner. With our proactive perspective, we try to eliminate all possible problems that your company may encounter in the hiring and firing processes.

We consider the continuation of all the services we offer to you within the scope of the payroll service, based on confidentiality, as our most basic principle, and we continue our work with this understanding.

Why Should I Get Payroll Service?

Payroll services refer to the important processes carried out by the accounting departments of the enterprises in general. Although the payroll service is generally perceived as the follow-up of personnel-related transactions, vital issues such as SSI incentives, legal changes and work permits, which are covered within the scope of the service, should be followed meticulously.

Considering the workload in the accounting departments, it is imperative that the payroll service is maintained by the actual management, not the management. At this point, we promise to serve you with a professional perspective and to offer you quality with our expert staff. We handle every point from personnel affairs to the most comprehensive records related to accounting and ensure that you benefit from payroll service after an error-free process.

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