Retirement Transactions Consultancy

Emeklilik İşlemleri Danışmanlığı

Retirement Transactions Consultancy, with the experience of our team of experts who have worked at the Social Security Institution for many years, we carry out retirement transactions both at home and abroad. We provide consultancy services to companies in order to make the retirement calculations of the insured correctly and to finalize the bureaucratic stages promptly.

Retirement Transactions Consultancy

With the quality of AG Audit, we are interested in your pension transactions both in Turkey and in Europe. We follow your retirement transactions and provide services with our consultant staff to finalize them promptly and correctly.

It is now very easy to retire when the retirement procedures in our country are planned and analyzed well and the results of all these are handled well.

When Will I Retire?

Contact our consultancy company, we will calculate when you will retire after the necessary examinations and we will report to you in detail how these transactions will take place.

How Much Debt Can I Pay?

To initiate the necessary investigations to answer this question and to make a debt inquiry; Are you wondering how much you have to pay if you have debt? Contact us without wasting time.

How Much Salary Will I Get?

Who does not want to retire, is the most curious question in this regard; “How much salary will I get?” Let us analyze and forward your personal information to us by forwarding the answer to this question.

SSI Pension Advisor

We guide our taxpayers’ requests for support services regarding the retirement process with our expert staff. We conduct age, service period and premium payment reviews for our taxpayers based on current legislation according to 4A, 4B and 4C service details. By closely following the regulations made in the Social Security Reform, we eliminate the question marks in our taxpayers’ minds.

Our team offers effective solutions for your questions in the following scope:

  • Management of processes for determining the insurance status of company managers,
  • Management of strategic processes for high pensions of company executives,
  • Management of processes regarding conflicts in insurance status.

SGK Pension Consultancy Service

We have a complex pension system due to the fact that the pension conditions are changed by laws enacted on different dates and the pension conditions are subject to different rules according to the insurance status (SSK, Bağ-Kur, Emekli Sandigi). For this reason, the correct determination of the status of company partners will prevent the loss of pension-related rights. It is also important to know the ways to increase pensions by making cost-benefit analysis of service debts, especially foreign and military debts, and to make timely and accurate retirement planning. Within the scope of SGK retirement consultancy;

  • Whether the insurance status of the company partners is determined correctly,
  • Path for high pension
  • Conflict in insurance status,
  • Payment of premiums to more than one insurance status at the same time,
  • Work with social security support premium
  • Service borrowings,
  • Retirement calculations and application procedures,
  • Wholesale payment (return premiums),

As AG Audit, we provide support with our professional staff.

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